What to Expect from Patrick

From Dream to Reality

What level of service can you expect from your agent? Just like with every profession, there are real estate professionals who work hard to provide great service and care for their clients, and there are others who are not as customer focused.  The thing is, it’s hard to tell how an agent will perform until you’re in the middle of a transaction, and then it’s too late.

I’m going to try and make this situation a little easier by letting you know up front what service level you can expect from me.  This way you’ll know what to expect and you can make the choice whether I may be the right person to help.  If you’re looking for something different you can move on and if we might be a good fit you can get in contact to discuss it further.  No obligation and no pressure.  In fact if you decide to have me help you with a purchase and you don’t believe I’m living up to expectations, just let me know and I’ll either make it right or we can part ways as friends.  My business depends on recommendations so if you’re not happy there’s no way I can be happy.

What you can expect is:

Honesty – I’m going to tell you how I see a situation.  If there is an issue that should concern you, I’m going to let you know.  If I believe you’re making a decision you are going to regret, I’m going to let you know.  All the decisions are ultimately yours, so I believe it’s important you know the possible positive and negative outcomes I’ve seen in the past.

Follow Through – If I say I’ll take care of something, consider it done.

Experience – Whether your goal is to buy your first home, your dream home, an investment home, or anything in between.  You won’t be the first client I’ve helped succeed in reaching that goal.  New agents have to learn things the hard way sometimes, but do you really want one learning on your purchase?  With over 500 transactions under my belt, you can rest easy knowing I’ve seen almost every situation before.

Knowledge – You’re going to learn a lot about real estate if I help with your home purchase.  I believe that educating my clients is one of my most important functions.

Attention to Detail – Lots of things can go wrong during a real estate transaction but most of them don’t have to.  It’s my job to make sure any problem which can be avoided…is avoided.

Prompt Service – I’m not available 24/7 but I do take pride in always returning calls and e-mails promptly and being on time when I’m expected to be somewhere.

Complete Information – If I know it you’ll know it, whether it’s information on homes for sale, pending road construction, school changes, noisy neighbors, or anything else that may affect your decision.  You’ll know what I know.

A Few Laughs – I’m no comedian but I like to have a good time and make our time together enjoyable for everyone.

I know you’ve got a big decision to make and you can only get so much insight from a website.  So if you’d like to have a chat and see if we can work together please give me a call.  You can also e-mail or fill out the form below if that’s more comfortable for you or start your search right away by clicking Homes for Sale.

I hope this page was helpful to you and I wish you all the best with your home search.

**Please note that your information will never be rented, leased, or sold to a third party. I dislike spam and try to avoid it just like you do.

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