Who Chooses Your Agent?

With the vast majority of real estate being transacted through agents, chances are if you buy a new home you’ll be working with one.  The question is:  Will this person be chosen by chance, by you, or by the seller of the home you’re buying?

The agent you work with will have a major impact on your home-buying experience.  An experienced, competent agent will save you time, money, and much frustration.  Your agent will be a strong negotiator for you and a trusted advisor as questions come up during the transaction.  A good agent can warn you about potential pitfalls and challenges before you’re knee deep in them.  They can advise and guide you because they’ve seen these issues come up before.  This really is a big deal.  When was the last time you did anything the first, second, or even the third time and thought, “I did that perfectly, there’s no way I could do any better.”

A good agent will have the experience of hundreds of transactions to draw from. This person can put that experience to work for you, and it doesn’t even cost you anything.  The sellers of the property you buy have already agreed to compensate your agent when they list the property.  As a buyer, you gotta love that deal.

So how does your agent get chosen for you?  You go to an open house, you call the agent on the sign, you call an agent advertising their listing?  In all of these cases you’re working with an agent chosen by and representing the seller of the home.  The seller has just chosen your agent.  How often is this going to be the best agent for your needs?

How about if you don’t like the property you see initially but would like to see others? The agent you’ve met probably seems helpful and nice which is a good thing, but what about experience, professionalism, and attention to detail.  These are important qualities of your representative that you know nothing about at this point.  The concern is that you may not know of shortfalls in these areas until it’s too late.  Once you’ve been shown the home you want to purchase by an agent, it becomes difficult to purchase that home with another agent.  You’ve just chosen your agent by chance, whether you like it or not.

Having your agent chosen by the seller or by chance may work out fine, but why not improve your odds and choose your own.  You can do this by connecting with a good agent before you start looking at homes.  Ask your friends, family, people at work, or others you know and like who they used.  Take a look at online reviews, interview potential candidates, ask about experience.  You’re making an important decision, so why not do a little research?  Don’t make the mistake of thinking, “I’m not ready”.  If you’re qualified to purchase a home and would like to look at properties, you’re ready.

Of course I would love to have the opportunity to speak with you and see if I am the right person to help you purchase the perfect home.  I wouldn’t be writing all this if I didn’t want to earn your business.  But even if you choose to work with another agent, please take the time and choose your own instead of leaving it up to chance.  I believe your home buying experience will be a much more positive one if you do.

If you have any questions or would like to speak to me about your home search, just fill out the form below, give me a call, or shoot me an e-mail.  I hope this information was helpful.  Thanks for taking the time to review my website, and best wishes in your home search.

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