New NC Program Helps Greensboro Area Home Buyers with Down Payments

dwn pmt squareHere’s some great news if you’re a first time home buyer in Guilford County.  A new program sponsored by The NC Housing Finance Agency can provide down payment assistance up to $15,000, and if you stay in the home for 5 years you don’t even have to pay it back!  Have you heard anyone saying lately that they would love to buy a home but they can’t afford the down payment?  This program could be the answer they have been looking for.

To learn more or find out if you qualify just use the form below to get in touch, and I’ll email you a two page flyer with the program details.  I can also put you in touch with local lenders approved to use this home loan program and others from NC Housing Finance.

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7 Easy Steps to Home Ownership Series: Video 6, Closing

This is the part of the process that ties everything together.  At this point a buyer has mentally moved in already, and this is the last step to wrapping up the purchase of your new home.  There is lots of paperwork to go over, and you real estate agent, closing attorney, and mortgage lender are available to answer any questions or clarify any details.


7 Easy Steps to Home Ownership Series: Video 5, Underwriting

Quick video with some good information about the types of information a home loan underwriter will need.  Good advice also about what financial moves not to make when you’re trying to buy a home.

Help your home purchase go as smoothly as possible by supplying the underwriter with all requested documentation as soon as possible.



7 Easy Steps to Home Ownership Series: Video 4, Appraisals

If you’re getting a loan when you buy a home, the bank or mortgage company will order an appraisal to make sure the value of the home meets their guidelines. Most of the time this happens without a hitch, but appraisals can create some challenges during a transaction.

A low appraisal or an appraisal that makes the home value dependent on certain repairs can create additional stress before closing. This video briefly explains how appraisals work and some possible solutions when challenges arise.