Greensboro SpringI ran across this poem in O. Henry Magazine and had to share.  Spring in Greensboro is as special for me now as the first time I saw it 20 years ago.

“Once again the Miracle of Spring spreads across town – trees awake, and all the shades of green break forth in beauty.  Thus does Greensboro live up so gloriously to her name.

Dogwoods and azaleas add their colors and pear trees add their blossoms and perfect symmetry.  In every new development a tithe of land is left untouched, thus adding to the greening.

Once Jefferson Pilot was tallest downtown, now several surpass.  Yet there is in mid downtown a green space where one can walk or sit and meditate.  Throughout the city there are parks and a bog garden where nature offers quiet retreat.

Gone are the textile mills of Cone and Guilford Mills.  Gone also the ecoskeleton of the once mighty Bur-Mill.  Yet in every section malls arise like mini towns within the town, offering goods from all around the world and cuisine from all nations.

Five places of higher learning bring us music and drama, as does an ever-expanding coliseum bring us sports and entertainment.

So change has come.  Things once here are now gone; new things abound.  Yet one thing still remains.  Thank God this is so, the beauty of the greening of Greensboro.” – Dr. Harold Spangler